Loft conversions and property extensions

Looking to add more space to a property or increase its value?

A conversion or extension can dramatically enhance a space, offering a brand new living area whilst significantly increasing the value of a property.


Why extend or convert…

For extensions – usually constructed at the rear of a property – a flat roof dormer can provide you with additional floor space and headroom. It can incorporate a master bedroom with a bathroom/en-suite but of course we can help you develop your ideas to create a bespoke layout.

Meanwhile, loft conversions are typically constructed in timber with tiles fitted on the exterior. Any conversions we undertake are designed so they blend in with the existing exterior of the property. If you’re looking for a flat roof dormer then it’s important to know that this alters the profile of the roof so is normally constructed at the rear of a property. 

Depending on the scope of the works, a flat roof dormer to the rear or side elevation can be constructed within permitted development rights, as long as certain conditions are met.