When it comes to doing a home extension there is a lot to think about and consider. Not least the style of extension you’re going for, and the planning restrictions that might affect your thinking.

You might be after a sympathetic-style addition. Or you might favour a modern and contrasting design. Whatever you want to go for, here are four quick things to think about…


1. Before settling on the style of extension you want, understand the characteristics of your house.


2. Your extension needs to work as part of your existing house so think carefully about the materials you should use. Windows, stone, brick etc.

Sometimes going for something too similar to what you have can look jarring, as the same brick will look noticeably older or younger. A more modern set of materials that compliments your existing house may actually suit you better.


3. Start conversations with your local planning authority early.

This is especially true if you’re extending a period property, or in a conservation area.


4. Sometimes an extension may not be the best option.

In fact a remodel, or an internal refurbishment may suit you better. A lot will come down to the existing building and the planning rights that are in place. If you’re unsure, always talk to a builder to get their feedback and expert opinion.


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